Our Couch is Here!

A couple of weeks ago, our new living room couch arrived and it is better than expected. Once we finally unwrapped it from the packaging, Matt and I set it in its new spot and sat back and looked at it. It was not love and first site. I think we both knew we liked it, but we did admit that it just didn’t feel right. It took a solid 5-10min for us to notice that we didnt add on the feet of the couch, which is definitely needed to make it feel finished.

We are now waiting for the duo of chairs to arrive, finishing details for the wall art, and shopping for floor lamps and table lamps. While I did get one estimate on adding over headed canned lighting in this room, as well as a chandelier over the dining table, our bid came in WAY over budget. They wanted $4k! Yikes! So for now, we are getting creative with floor lamps and some fun surprise projects to add light to the room.

In any case, here are some pictures of how the couch is looking! Ah, I’m excited with how this room is slowly coming together!


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