Living Room Wall Art and Hello Snow

After all our furniture arrived, I was excited to finally put up the wall art. Of course this was going to include my DIY abstract painting, but I needed more to balance out the space above the couch. So, I bought two gold frames at Target and added in some pretty Instagram photos of important places to Matt and I. I’m still looking for real art prints on and , but haven’t found anything I love yet. So, instapics for now! I also found these gold arrows from Target and thought they fit the theme, too. Here’s how it all looked once Matt measured it all out and hung all 5 items: Continue reading “Living Room Wall Art and Hello Snow”


DIY Lighted Ladder and Other Sources of Illumination

Because our living room has no overhead lighting, and I no way am going to spend $4k to add it, I had to get creative in ways to add light so we can enjoy this room at night and throughout the winter. Continue reading “DIY Lighted Ladder and Other Sources of Illumination”