DIY Lighted Ladder and Other Sources of Illumination

Because our living room has no overhead lighting, and I no way am going to spend $4k to add it, I had to get creative in ways to add light so we can enjoy this room at night and throughout the winter.

I found this desk lamp and this floor lamp from Target and they fit in perfectly. I ended up ordering each of them twice because I kept seeing better offers on I ended up getting the desk lamp for $40 and the floor lamp for $60 after layering a few discounts. Not so bad! Here is how they look in the room:




But what I am most excited to share is the DIY ladder that Matt built. After seeing some similar ideas on pinterest, I thought we had the perfect spot for it in our living room. I took all the measurements, bought all the wood, got out the tools, and convinced myself that I could build this thing by myself! Welp, I tried my hardest, but I failed. Big time. Matt had to go buy new wood and start over. He got it put together like it was no big deal in 15minute flat… I’ll learn someday!



Once the ladder was built, I gave it a few coats of wood stain leftover from the DIY shelves we made for our master bathroom. Lastly, I gave it a coat of clear enamel so it has a glossy finish.


I found these lights on Amazon. They do not photograph well, but I love the size of these lights. They don’t look too much like Christmas lights in real life. I wrapped up the ladder, hung some throw blankets, and we the finished product is complete!


I’ll do a full recap of the room soon, complete with the budget breakdown, but here’s a look at how the room came together. I think we are pretty much done!



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