Living Room Wall Art and Hello Snow

After all our furniture arrived, I was excited to finally put up the wall art. Of course this was going to include my DIY abstract painting, but I needed more to balance out the space above the couch. So, I bought two gold frames at Target and added in some pretty Instagram photos of important places to Matt and I. I’m still looking for real art prints on and , but haven’t found anything I love yet. So, instapics for now! I also found these gold arrows from Target and thought they fit the theme, too. Here’s how it all looked once Matt measured it all out and hung all 5 items:

Something just felt really off. I hated it. So down went everything but the painting and we moved forward with option 2: floating shelves to add more weight to the right side. And guess where I found the shelves?!? Target!

I’m so much happier with this second option. I did have to get out the dry wall compound and paint yo cover up the holes from trying the first option, but it was worth it.

Cheers to mid December and these frigid temperatures! It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas is right around the corner. Matt got all our outside lights up and my mom helped me put together (okay, she actually did all the work and I just watched) beautiful spruce planters for our front porch (though I only have a picture of one of them pre-snow storm). Also, Izzy has been staying warm in her sweaters and loving the snow!


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