Playing Catch Up!

After a super busy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Jan/Feb, I am finally going to get back on this blog posting train. Because we’ve done ALOT to the house in the last four month, this post is going to be a photo drop of a few scenes of our projects/updates/purchases, and unfortunately, damages. More details to come as I take more photos and get back into this groove.

1. Because we have ugly popcorn ceiling that is expensive to remove, we decided to simply cover it up with white painted planked wood. We even finally bought an electric nailer and I think Matt loved it. And keep in mind that this used to be Matt’s closet room, so we spent a solid day going through all his clothes and donating all his unused, overused, and out dated clothing. I also finally painted over the bright turquoise with my new favorite paint color, agreeable grey. 

2. The Franks gifted us this amazing Z Gallerie candelabra for Christmas. It looks perfect above our new dining room table.

3. Turns out our dishwasher has been leaking for who knows how long and it completely warped our new hardwood floors and even leaked through the basement ceiling. The good news is that insurance came through and is paying for all of it. Part of the process is having this industrial sized dehumidifier on 24/7 and daily visits from our service provider and now friend, Rau.

4. We finally bit the bullet and got new carpet in all our bedrooms. I need to take better pictures because it looks, and feels, 100x better. The picture below is our master when I complained to our installer. What are those lines?! Turns out they are NOT the seems and instead where the carpet was rolled around the center pole. The good news is the marks go away in a few weeks and already look much better. Because of this installation,  we had the luxury of setting up our bed in the living room. I, and Izzy, loved it- TV and comfort at its finest! Matt… not so much. He likes completely dark and quiet bedrooms.


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