Kitchen Updates

After living in our house for 2.5 years and considering both a full blown kitchen remodel and small updates using our current layout (like the one I mentioned in this post), we decided to officially move forward with the latter.  We’ve met with all the contractors, have money down, and the process officially starts next week! Here is the plan. And the goal is to have this all wrapped up by mid-May.

Here is what our kitchen currently looks like:

Current Kitchen

And here is my inspiration- tuxedo kitchen! We will have the upper cabinets painted white, but keep the lower cabinets their current maple color.

Copper Dot

(Copper Dot Blog)

Kylie M Interiors

(Kylie M Interiors)

Better Homes and Garden

(Better Homes and Gardens)

How are we going to make our kitchen look a bit more lovely like these pictures above?

  1. A contractor is removing one of the cabinets and adding 3 floating shelves. This cabinet juts out and blocks off the sitting area from the rest of the kitchen, so I’m hoping the changes creates a more open feel.Current Kitchen

2. Then a painting company is coming to professionally paint the upper cabinets Dove White by Benjamin Moore. While I do think I could do this work myself and we could save a few dollars (like I did here), I want to make sure it is done perfectly because this is a high traffic area with a lot of opening/closing of doors, dirty dishes, etc. The painting team will spray paint the doors, caulk all the grooves, and use high end enamel to make sure it will last forever (or at least long enough for us).

3. Next comes the counter tops! We did a lot of research on what type of counter tops are the best value and decided to move forward with Quartz. We worked with a local company and decided on Marbella White Quartz which is a simple white with a few lines of grey and a very light beige. Quartz, unlike granite, does not require to be sealed yearly and the overall maintenance is minimal. The only big con is that we have to be careful with hot food. No more pizza on the counters, Matt!

4. We are also getting a new microwave (staying white to match the rest of our appliances) because our current one is turning yellow and it’s driving me nuts. We are also getting a new stainless steal sink (which will coordinate with the cabinet hardware and store top) and kitchen faucet. I bought this microwave from Best Buy (lowest price and free 2 day shipping), this faucet from Amazon, and we are getting the sink from the counter top company. Unfortunately, for the microwave, I had very limited options given the size of our cut out and only considering white. At least it was cheaper than some of the other ones I had my eye on… Now Matt has the fun responsibility of installing the microwave…



So, here is how we are hoping it will come together! We are still determining if we want to try and DIY the simple white subway tile backsplash, or hire it out. From everything I’ve read on the Home Remodel Blogs, doing your own backsplash is not hard and you can save $$$ by renting a wet saw, watching some Youtube videos, and devoting a weekend to work! Time will tell what we do, but the good news is that this is the last step.

Fingers crossed that the painting, new shelving, and new counter top installation go smoothly!

Frank Kitchen Inspiration


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