We are Having a Baby and our Nursery Plan!

Baby Frank is due July 29th and Matt and I could not be more excited! Before I get into the plan for the nursery,  I want to share part of our story on how we became pregnant. It wasn’t easy and unfortunately our journey included IVF (which comes with many tears, doctor’s appointments, heart ache, needles, drugs, and MONEY), but in the end it was all worth it.  And I’m so incredibly thankful for the science of IVF that is allowing us to be parents.

After doing 2 rounds of clomid, 2 rounds of femera, and 2 IUIs, the doctors recommended we move on to IVF.  We started the IVF process in early September 2016 which included a 4 hour appointment at our fertility clinic to go over the protocol, hand over our ‘baby investment’ money, do a trial transfer, learn about the drugs, etc.

IVF Prep

Soon after the consult, our drugs arrived and we started stimulations. I did multiple shots and oral drugs daily for 11 days.

All the drugs arrived

Matt was the best shot giver ever!

Day 8 stims

After 11 days of shots,  monitoring appointments, and a slowly bloating stomach thanks to all my growing follicles, we got the go ahead to do the trigger shot and headed in for our egg retrieval!  I was so excited to soon be pregnant.


Unfortunately, our retrieval did not go quite as planned. While ideally you get to transfer your embryos 5 days after retrieval, I had FAR too many eggs and ended up getting OHSS (Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome).  To help my body get back to normal and healthy position to carry a baby, the doctors made us take a 1-1.5 month break… I was heartbroken.  HOWEVER, it turns out those doctors were right (as they usually are) and my body was in no condition to be pregnant.  I ended up being the worst pain I’ve ever been in for the next 7 days straight.  The bloating was unreal, I gained 15 pounds of water weight (while not eating much for 5 days straight), and ended up visiting the ER because I could not stop throwing up water… I ended up having 2 paracentesis procedures to remove the fluid from my abdomen. It wasn’t the best week of my life…


During our break between recovering from the OHSS/Retrieval and waiting for our Frozen embryo transfer, we celebrated my 29th birthday.  I enjoyed wine and sushi knowing, hoping, and praying that it would not be allowed soon enough.  After all, we had 8 frozen embryos ready for us when our transfer time was approved. Though it was tough to continue this waiting game, I was grateful I was one step closer to being pregnant.


After allowing my body to recover and taking more drugs (including birth control), we finally got to start prepping for our frozen embryo transfer.

FET Prep

The doctors monitored my lining for about a week and when it finally got to the right thickness, we were set to transfer our embryo! On November 10th, I officially become PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise).


Part of going through an embryo transfer is supporting your body with progesterone in oil (PIO). While I was used the shots for the stimulations and my fear of needles was now minimal, this whole PIO injection part was a whole new ball game. These shots are HUGE (intramuscular and injected in your booty) and I needed Matt to do them for me… We ended up having to find places to do these injections while at a wedding in New Orleans, flying on an airplane, and at a wedding in Dallas. It made for some great memories! I don’t think I have ever laughed as hard as I did when we tried to both fit in the airplane bathroom and give me the shot.  IT DID NOT WORK. We ended up telling the flight attendants what we were up to and the very kindly shut the curtain to the rest of the cabin and turned their heads while Matt injected… Fun times!

DallasAirplaneNew Orleans

And the hardest part of this whole journey, waiting the 10-12 days after the transfer to see if it worked.  Two week wait torture. Did it work?! Am I pregnant? Why don’t I have any symptoms? I’ve never been so nervous to pee on a stick. We took our pregnancy test 10 days after our transfer while in Dallas.  I will always remember how incredible I felt when I saw those 2 lines.  I ended up taking a pregnancy test for the next 3 days until our doctors confirmed our pregnancy with a blood test.

positive test

So that’s our story of getting pregnant! We told our family we were pregnant about 9 weeks later over Christmas. We bought the cutest balloons from Amazon and coerced our parents to go check out our new project in our guest bedroom. It was the perfect surprise and very fitting for the holiday season.

BAby room

At about 11 weeks pregnant, I took a simple blood test at the doctors office to find out the gender and check for any chromosomal abnormalities. We were grateful to find out that we had a very healthy baby. And though Matt and I both had a gut feeling we were having a boy, the test confirmed we were having a baby girl!


Now here we are, 24 weeks pregnant (which is a big milestone since it is viability week), and I am making big strides on my new favorite room in the house.

24 weeks

It was all worth it!

I started putting together idea boards for our nursery as soon as we found out I was pregnant. There’s been a lot of iterations, but below is our current inspiration. We’ve already purchased most of the big items, so now it is all about the accessories and figuring out the layout of the room.

  • Crib: Albeebaby
  • Dresser: West Elm (Floor sample from local store)
  • Rocker: Homegoods (We bought this 2 years ago thinking we’d like it for our living room, but it wasnt the right fit)
  • Ottoman: Target
  • Art: DIY (Post to come!)

Here are some snapshots at how it is looking thus far. It is slowly becoming my favorite room in the house!


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