Weekend Warriors- Nursery and Kitchen Progress and Yard Work!

With only 13 weekends left until our baby girl arrives, and a few of these remaining weekends booked with weddings, showers, birthing classes, and birthday parties, I am a bit obsessive with cranking through our to-do list! Here’s what we got done this weekend, while still managing to fit in a going away party, dog park visit, workouts, and golf (range for Matt).

Matt hung these awesome white shelves in the nursery.  It only took him 2.5 hours, including a PB&J and beer break!  I got the shelves at… Target… Surprise, surprise. They were only $10 each.  In fact, they are the same ones we used in our living room.  Target hacker hint, it is often cheaper to buy items on target.com and do in-store pick up than buying them at the store. Target.com often has online coupon codes that the store doesn’t honor… I got these for 15% off, plus my other discounts. I plan to add more baby books and am trying to DIY a custom bow/headband holder! Still brainstorming ideas.

After buying a few too many ottomans and letting my indecisiveness get the best of me, I officially decided to go forward with the grey printed poof we already own and was tucked away in our basement.  I couldn’t give up the ‘free’ price tag. Though I do think we paid about $60 for this at Home Goods about 2 years ago. I added a 100% lambskin rug (which babies supposedly love) and think it works…?!?

The weather this weekend was perfect, so we took full advantage of it and got going on yard work. We removed weeds from the garden, added organic garden soil, trimmed our dying front hedge (that best grow back this summer), mulched the front beds, seeded some dry spots in the lawn, hung a cute new fern on the front porch, and fertilized the entire front and back yard. Matt is hoping that takes care of the dandelions that are popping up…

Our kitchen is still under construction thanks to a big time delay with Stone Source. They originally said the install date was going to be around May 5th, but now it’s May 18th… grr… I let them know how I felt about the delay.  In any case, we met with the backsplash installer on Saturday and he promised he can start May 19th. The goal is to have it all wrapped up by our 3rd year wedding anniversary! In the meantime, we are living like this. Though I’m not going to lie, having the coffee machine by the garage door is quite convenient.

I’m so excited to see it all come together. The floating shelves that we added when we removed that bulky cabinet look great. I had to touch up the wall paint and it was probably the most stressful painting I’ve done in our house thus far. Last thing I wanted was to touch our new ‘White Dove’ shelves with the ‘Mega Greige’ wall paint. I forgot to get a true before photo, but as you can see, getting in those edges was tough. It took patience, nice new craft brush, and a very steady hand

Not pictured, but we orders white double cell black-out blinds for the nursery from SelectBlinds.com.  They should arrive this week, so I’m crossing my fingers they are exactly what we are wanting. That room gets a ton of morning light, so blackout shades were a must to keep baby girl on a good sleeping schedule (or so we hope).

I used some of our leftover white spray paint and updated a few old decor items I wasn’t using anymore. The mirror just got a simple white update, then I added modge podge and fun paper to the floating frame. Fun decor for the nursery shelves!

Still plenty more to do, but making progress! Happy for a productive weekend, with some fun mixed in!

Saying bye to our dear friend Abby 😦

Long walks with Izzy. I can’t wait to run again, but right now it just does want feel right…so power walking it is!

And sunny Sunday mornings on the banks of the Mississippi at the dog park. Izzy is in heaven!


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