Kitchen Remodel is Complete!

And it’s a wrap! Well, almost! Thanks to our new countertops being a little less thick than our old ones, we need the cabinet painter to come back to touch up a few spots that are still maple.

Here’s what we did to get the kitchen to where it is today! While we didn’t DIY a lot of this, we did spend a lot of time finding the contractors to get the job done. And let me tell you, trying to find the right people and costs takes plenty of time.

1: Matt removed our old microwave and we installed a new bright white one. I gave away the old one for FREE on Craigslist and the guy who ended up taking it was a huge wierdo and kept saying “okay, I trust you on this.” Um, what dude? It’s free! I am not trying to take your money. There is nothing to trust me on.

2.  We hired a carpenter to remove the bulky upper cabinet by the sliding door. He replaced it with 3 floating shelves.

3. We cleared the kitchen cabinets and everything on the old laminate countertops. I detail cleaned all the insides of the cabinets/drawers and purged a few things we don’t use any more. Spring cleaning at its finest!

4.  Flawless Finish painted the cabinets Dove White by Benjamin Moore. We lived with my parents for 4 days because the paint fumes were nasty. And baby girl does not want to be around those fumes. They left our house destroyed. There was dust EVERYWHERE, like 3 rooms over everywhere. I spent a solid 2 hours on my hands and knees cleaning up. Not fun, but worth it. The cabinets don’t even look painted. They look brand new!

5.  We waited… and waited…and waited! Uh. Unfortunately, the Marbella White Quartz countertops we picked out from Stone Source were delayed.

6. Matt disconnected our sink and the gas to the stove. Good work Matt! I was happy to not have to pay extra for that!

7.  Stone Source finally installed (and removed out old countertops). It took them over 4 hours to haul out the old, bring in the new, caulk the seams, and install the new sink.

8. Matt reconnected the stove and installed a new kitchen faucet. I never knew how much I would appreciate a new faucet!

9. Our cowboy tile man, Scott Duneman, installed simple white subway tile. It took him 2 days and it looks GRAND! I just love how the backsplash ties together the upper cabinets and work with the white appliances.

10. I touched up all the walls with our kitchen paint color, Mega Greige. It took a very steady hand to get around grout lines.

11. We moved as much as we could back to our ALMOST finished kitchen. I’m just trying to track down our cabinet painter, who is a bit of a flake… But 95% of the kitchen is done, and we are loving it!

Without further ado, here’s the kitchen journey in picture form:

This is how it looked when we moved in…


Soon after we moved in, we painted the kitchen Mega Griege and got a new kitchen light fixture. Then we didn’t make any changes until about 2 months ago when we started the aforementioned kitchen update! Here’s how it looked after painting it:


Then the carpenter came and removed that big, bulky cabinet. It feels so much more open without it. Hello floating shelves!

IMG_7542IMG_7541IMG_7543 (3)

And then the cabinet painting began! White on top, leaving the maple on the bottom!

IMG_7813 (2)IMG_7820 (2)

Next came the countertops, which I didn’t get a great picture of. We also added a slab of it in the dining room, which ties the two rooms together.


And next up, backsplash!

IMG_7894 (2)


And some close-up pictures. Overall, we love it!

IMG_7944 (2)IMG_7942IMG_7940 (2)IMG_7917IMG_7895IMG_7916IMG_7885 (2)

Ah, what a difference a little paint, tile, and quartz will do!



One thought on “Kitchen Remodel is Complete!

  1. Absolutely love it! Great job! Well worth the all that you guys went through to get it to today’s look ! (and it looks pretty with the accent of those pink flowers!)


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