Memorial Day Weekend Deck Update!

I think this weekend will go down as our most productive weekend yet! Starting Thursday evening, we (okay, mainly Matt, but I played a big part in the designing) got started on updating our deck. What started as just staining the deck, next evolved to sanding and staining the railing, which next evolved to replacing part of the railing that was broken, which lastly evolved to replacing and adding a privacy fence to a portion of the railing. Then I somehow got a little carried away with Target’s Memorial Day sale and ended up buying patio furniture, too! Here’s our weekend in picture format 🙂 because my brain is fried (I blame it on pregnancy) and I’m SO tired! The hard work was worth it though! 

Matt removed the broken railing. Notice how bad all those boards are? Our guess is that the previous owners didn’t stain the deck in 10+ years.

He then added four super sturdy posts to support the new railing and privacy fence. Unfortunately, during this time when we didn’t have a railing Izzy FELL OFF the deck… uh, it still breaks my heart. She was jumping for joy when my little brother stopped by and lost her footing and tumbled down a good 5ft drop. Miraculously, she was a-okay and walked away like a champ.

And honestly, during this 4 day project, I think Matt and I went to Home Depot 8 times. And I’m not exaggerating. Luckily, we live nice and close!

For the privacy screen, I originally wanted to use trellis, but after a few more Pinterest searches I decided I wanted something a little more modern. Here’s what I sent to Matt:

And here’s some of my inspiration from a few blogs:

While Matt was working his butt off on the railing, I started sanding the old railing. Holy smokes, that is a messy project!

Good progress, Matt!

Once the railing was up,  we tag teamed and stained this bad boy! We used a Thompson Waterproof Semi transparent Acorn Brown.  It still looks a little to red to me, but it’s getting better each day.


One coat… which wasn’t good enough for Matt. So Matt bribed me with Cherry Berry ice cream (on the way to Home Depot AGAIN) and we added a second coat just before the sun set.

Second coat complete!

You can still tell where we replaced old boards with new ones, but with time it will look fine!

The next day, Matt got to work on the privacy fence. He nailed it, literally! And I love him for all his hard work and for making my patio dreams come true 🙂

At this point, we needed a break. It was nonstop work, work, work and the lake was calling our name! We headed out for a boat ride and dinner and games with friends.  We played couples Gestures (circa 1990) and Matt and I lost big time… it was fun though!

We came home and the rainy weather proved our deck stain works!

And finally, on the last day of our long, laborious weekend, I got started on shopping for a few accessories and furniture for this new corner oasis.  We ended up getting the Halsted 5-piece, round Siena rug (to be delivered) and tall 28 inch planter from Target. Deals, on deals, on deals! I shopped around for the best tall, potted, Minnesota friendly plants for a deck, but honestly got too overwhelmed by the options and prices.

$65 hibiscus braid:

$70 Bamboo Palm:

$70 Star Jasmine:

I ended up getting a Mandevilla from Home Depot for $30. Maybe next year I will try growing some simple vines on the fence, but we are keeping it simple year 1! Here is how it is all looking so far:

Whoop, whoop! We are both loving it! We still have to stain the railing and privacy fence, but for now, we are calling it a wrap.

And I’m leaving you with a quick before and after and baby bump picture. Note though that the bump picture was pre-long weekend. There was no time or energy for my daily (for the most part) power walk with our growing little girl! 31 weeks and feeling great. Happy Memorial Day, friends!


One thought on “Memorial Day Weekend Deck Update!

  1. Wow!!! Just reading it makes me tired. You two are quite the determined pair. What an awesome job. Love seeing the baby growing, more than a bump now. Looking forward to seeing you soon


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