Hello Year 3!

And just like that, we’ve been in our house for THREE years.  And, the best part of this year is that we are kicking it off as a family of THREE (okay, four, we love you, Izzy)! Our little Lettie Lynn was born 7/17/17 so excuse some of the baby gear in many of the pictures. It honestly took me 5 days to slowly take pictures of each room as I tried to get into the groove with our little 3.5 week babe while keeping the house relatively clean. Here is the first picture of her in her house :)!


So, as I’ve done the past 2 years, below is a photo recap of how our house is looking these days.  Here are links to the previous years for reference:

August 2014: Move In Pictures

August 2015: One Year of Updates

August 2016:   Year 2 is a Wrap

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