Hello Year 3!

And just like that, we’ve been in our house for THREE years.  And, the best part of this year is that we are kicking it off as a family of THREE (okay, four, we love you, Izzy)! Our little Lettie Lynn was born 7/17/17 so excuse some of the baby gear in many of the pictures. It honestly took me 5 days to slowly take pictures of each room as I tried to get into the groove with our little 3.5 week babe while keeping the house relatively clean. Here is the first picture of her in her house :)!


So, as I’ve done the past 2 years, below is a photo recap of how our house is looking these days.  Here are links to the previous years for reference:

August 2014: Move In Pictures

August 2015: One Year of Updates

August 2016:   Year 2 is a Wrap


This was by far our biggest update this year. And we got it done just in time for baby’s arrival! I’m loving the changes. It’s more light and bright. And the area under the new floating shelves is proving to be well utilized for all things breast feeding! Hello never-ended bottle & pump washing/drying!






Family Room:

The only changes here are a few extra seating options for Lettie. She loves the swing and the Boppy lounger. This room gets HOT in the evenings, so we end up closing the shades and losing the view of the pond. We are also now keeping a hamper in the family room for all the dirty clothes & burp clothes we go through daily. I’ve never been so happy to do laundry daily. Ah, and this family room rug is still proving to be one of my favorite purchases for the house.  Thank you, Pottery Barn! I do need to find a better ottoman for the chair. The one we are using I purchased from Target for our first apartment together. It’s a strange yellow color and not my jam anymore, hence why we always have it covered with a blanket.








Living Room:

Second to the kitchen, this room got a nice update over the past year. While last summer I spent way too many hours painting the cabinets (but 100% worth it), I finally got around to adding furniture to this room this fall. It now serves as an extra seating area (both Matt and I use this space often when working from home) and a more formal dining area for larger gatherings.  We ended up taking many of our newborn photos in this room thanks to the morning light and it turned out to be a beautiful backdrop.




Maria Lloyd’s photographs in this space:img_8746.png





Entry Way:

No changes to this room. I still don’t love the paint color. It looks light blue instead of grey to me. Maybe some day I will get around to painting it. I am still loving the light fixture from Amazon that we bought shortly after we moved in. I also like the exposed brick. I’ve thought about painting it a few times, but it adds character that I will not be able to get back if I regret painting it. So au natural it will remain!





Garage Entryway:

This is still the slightly awkward space in our house.  It is the first room you walk into from the garage, but it is wide open to the living room and kitchen… Not the best for hiding all the gear (coats, bags, shoes and now all the baby things) that come with life. Someday we will need to add better storage, but it is working for us now.




Master Bedroom:

The only change here is that we rearranged the furniture (or lack of furniture as we only have our bed in this room) to make room for the bassinet that Lettie sleeps in (though it is not in many of these pictures because we move it to the family room for daytime naps) and we moved the big black armoire to the guest bedroom for Matt’s new closet space. This room needs the most love on the main floor for 2017.  Maybe with my maternity leave time, I will start thinking about what this room needs to feel a bit more finished. Though I have to admit, I do love how simple and clutter free it is.  Maybe less is more?




And here is the bedroom in use with “my people.” We love when Matt gets home from work and can take over some of the baby duties :)!


When we got rid of the armoire in our room, I consolidated all my clothing in the closet in the bathroom. Matt added 2 shelves on the top to maximize the space and I added a simple dresser from Ikea for more storage. It’s working for me so far now that I’ve started obeying my rule of “you buy 1 item of clothing, you donate 1 item of clothing.” One in and one out to make sure it doesnt get more crowded…



This is my new favorite room in the house. We are only using it for changing outfits and diapers for now, but with time the crib will get use and hopefully the rocker, too.  The new ceiling, new paint color (it was bright turquoise color), and new carpets (as in all our bedrooms) helped it feel a little more fresh, too!






We also got a few newborn photos in this room. Maria Lloyd rocked it with capturing this room!233A7214.1






Matt’s Closet Room/Guest Bedroom #1:

If you remember correctly, the nursery used to look like this…


Well, when the nursery took over that mess, we essentially transferred it all to the room next door…whomp whomp.  We added a trundle bed (that was mine during childhood), painted it black to match the airmoire, and painted the walls Agreeable Grey (the same color as the nursery and the living room).  This room used to be a weird lime green color, so the change was very needed.  In any case, this room now houses all of Matt’s clothing.  Whenever baby #2 comes around, we will have to figure out what to do with all his stuff… Maybe we will add in an ikea closet system in our room? I’ve seen it done really well with custom paint and trim molding.  Below is how the room is currently looking, I didnt get around to bugging Matt enough to clean it up or throwing everything in the closet and closing the door… haha.




Real Guest Bedroom:

When we moved Matt’s clothing to the room above, we moved our real guest bedroom to the basement. I stripped the inside of the door from these bizarre cork board material, sanded it all down, primed, and painted it. Other than that, no changes to this room besides moving the bed and side tables downstairs. I think this is a much better location for our guests now, given they have their own full bathroom down stairs (and it’s likely more quiet now that there is a baby in the mix).  And yes, one of the wall frames fell down and I haven’t put it back up yet #reallife.






I don’t think we’ve made any changes… Some day I’d love to get rid of that sofa. Matt got it when he was living his bachelor life in Madison and its certainly seen better days. And the basement is about to get much more use now that football season is right around the corned. Matt LOVES his TV set-up.







And lastly, here is our deck. We updated it over memorial day and have been enjoying it much more than normal since making the changes. And the garden, which I drastically cut back this year, it doing well. We are loving the peppers, broccoli, kale, and tomatoes!







I didn’t take any pictures of the bathrooms since we haven’t made any changes, nor were they clean enough to document this year…  Here are the latest pictures of the spaces.






And that’s a wrap! Happy 3rd year, house! We are excited to see what the next year brings!


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