Painting the Bathroom Countertop

Can I get a cheers to a super productive and fun Saturday!? Sleeping in (7:30!), workout, ladies brunch, basement bath finishing touches, walk with a friend, dinner at the bar, basketball game watching, and wine drinking.  Pretty perfect.

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Bathroom Organization and Family Room Wall Art?

We only have one sink and very minimal countertop space in our master bath. And because of this, I’m often playing the balancing act with my blow dryer, straightner, makeup, and all that other stuff, on the vanity while getting ready. Fortunately, Matt and I are rarely getting ready at the same time, but this lack of countertop space is still and issue with just one of us in this space. Continue reading “Bathroom Organization and Family Room Wall Art?”

Popcorn Be Gone (and Snacked), Halloween, and Nephews!

Because our Halloween festivities started mighty early and ended before dusk, I woke up last Sunday full of energy and ready to tackle the rest of the popcorn ceiling removal in the master bathroom. It by no means looks great, but it definitely annoys me less than the popcorn, so I will take that as a win. Continue reading “Popcorn Be Gone (and Snacked), Halloween, and Nephews!”

Downstairs Bathroom Gets Some Updates

It hit me this weekend. This uncontrollable need to do a little something to the dark and dingy basement bathroom.  I honestly dreaded stepping into this tiny space because almost everything needs an update. On top of that, I’ve scrubbed that toilet one billion times and it’s still dirty. Frustration at its finest. Continue reading “Downstairs Bathroom Gets Some Updates”