Hello New Maple Tree

My parents got us a maple tree for both Matt and I’s birthday this year. I’m excited to see it grow old and strong with us in this house! Props to Matt for getting it secured in our front lawn!

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The Destruction Begins and a Garden Update

The crew started on the carpet removal yesterday and already laid out some of the hardwood. I feel like our house is going to feel bigger with the main floor having consistent flooring. Continue reading “The Destruction Begins and a Garden Update”

Deck Update Part I and a Trip to the South

Matt is making awesome progress on our aged deck. He is replacing some of the old boards with new cedar planks and sanding down the rest. After two weekends of hard work, I can finally walk out on the deck without shoes on! I’m thinking there is nothing better than barefoot cocktails while lounging in my new chaise chair (which hasn’t happened quite yet since it is still COLD in MN) but a girl can dream. Please bring on the warm weather, MN….  Continue reading “Deck Update Part I and a Trip to the South”

Summer Weekend House Randomness

Here are a few snapshots of our weekend projects.

1. Matt trimmed a lot of our bushes and did ALOT of yard work. Thank you Matt!! This front hedge was out of control, but now is looking much more shapely! I delegated while sipping on my new favorite smoothie (banana, strawberry, coconut water, vanilla Teras Whey protein powder) and then helped pick up the clippings and water the flowers!  Continue reading “Summer Weekend House Randomness”