Hello Year 3!

And just like that, we’ve been in our house for THREE years.  And, the best part of this year is that we are kicking it off as a family of THREE (okay, four, we love you, Izzy)! Our little Lettie Lynn was born 7/17/17 so excuse some of the baby gear in many of the pictures. It honestly took me 5 days to slowly take pictures of each room as I tried to get into the groove with our little 3.5 week babe while keeping the house relatively clean. Here is the first picture of her in her house :)!


So, as I’ve done the past 2 years, below is a photo recap of how our house is looking these days.  Here are links to the previous years for reference:

August 2014: Move In Pictures

August 2015: One Year of Updates

August 2016:   Year 2 is a Wrap

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Memorial Day Weekend Deck Update!

I think this weekend will go down as our most productive weekend yet! Starting Thursday evening, we (okay, mainly Matt, but I played a big part in the designing) got started on updating our deck. What started as just staining the deck, next evolved to sanding and staining the railing, which next evolved to replacing part of the railing that was broken, which lastly evolved to replacing and adding a privacy fence to a portion of the railing. Then I somehow got a little carried away with Target’s Memorial Day sale and ended up buying patio furniture, too! Here’s our weekend in picture format 🙂 because my brain is fried (I blame it on pregnancy) and I’m SO tired! The hard work was worth it though!  Continue reading “Memorial Day Weekend Deck Update!”

Weekend Warriors- Nursery and Kitchen Progress and Yard Work!

With only 13 weekends left until our baby girl arrives, and a few of these remaining weekends booked with weddings, showers, birthing classes, and birthday parties, I am a bit obsessive with cranking through our to-do list! Here’s what we got done this weekend, while still managing to fit in a going away party, dog park visit, workouts, and golf (range for Matt). Continue reading “Weekend Warriors- Nursery and Kitchen Progress and Yard Work!”

We are Having a Baby and our Nursery Plan!

Baby Frank is due July 29th and Matt and I could not be more excited! Before I get into the plan for the nursery,  I want to share part of our story on how we became pregnant. It wasn’t easy and unfortunately our journey included IVF (which comes with many tears, doctor’s appointments, heart ache, needles, drugs, and MONEY), but in the end it was all worth it.  And I’m so incredibly thankful for the science of IVF that is allowing us to be parents.

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Kitchen Updates

After living in our house for 2.5 years and considering both a full blown kitchen remodel and small updates using our current layout (like the one I mentioned in this post), we decided to officially move forward with the latter.  We’ve met with all the contractors, have money down, and the process officially starts next week! Here is the plan. And the goal is to have this all wrapped up by mid-May. Continue reading “Kitchen Updates”

Playing Catch Up!

After a super busy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Jan/Feb, I am finally going to get back on this blog posting train. Because we’ve done ALOT to the house in the last four month, this post is going to be a photo drop of a few scenes of our projects/updates/purchases, and unfortunately, damages. More details to come as I take more photos and get back into this groove.

1. Because we have ugly popcorn ceiling that is expensive to remove, we decided to simply cover it up with white painted planked wood. We even finally bought an electric nailer and I think Matt loved it. And keep in mind that this used to be Matt’s closet room, so we spent a solid day going through all his clothes and donating all his unused, overused, and out dated clothing. I also finally painted over the bright turquoise with my new favorite paint color, agreeable grey.  Continue reading “Playing Catch Up!”

DIY Wall Art using leftover wall paint

I started with this old bullitin board that my mom gave me 5 years ago. I love the frame, but we really don’t have any use or space for a bullitin board.  She simply glued and stapled cork board over an old painting. I forgot to take a picture of it with the frame still on, but you get the gist. In any case, I was excited to bring this frame back into my decor without the bullitin portion. Queue DIY painting! Continue reading “DIY Wall Art using leftover wall paint”