Our Couch is Here!

A couple of weeks ago, our new living room couch arrived and it is better than expected. Once we finally unwrapped it from the packaging, Matt and I set it in its new spot and sat back and looked at it. It was not love and first site. I think we both knew we liked it, but we did admit that it just didn’t feel right. It took a solid 5-10min for us to notice that we didnt add on the feet of the couch, which is definitely needed to make it feel finished.

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DIY Wall Art using leftover wall paint

I started with this old bullitin board that my mom gave me 5 years ago. I love the frame, but we really don’t have any use or space for a bullitin board. ¬†She simply glued and stapled cork board over an old painting. I forgot to take a picture of it with the frame still on, but you get the gist. In any case, I was excited to bring this frame back into my decor without the bullitin portion. Queue DIY painting! Continue reading “DIY Wall Art using leftover wall paint”

Living Room Chair Purchase thanks to Google Image Search

On Monday, my 29th birthday, I decided I’d treat myself and purchase these beautiful chairs to finish off the living room furniture expenditure. I felt good about the price, I love the style, and they only got 5 star reviews. I went to purchase and found this out: They only deliver in CA!!!! Not cool, Living Spaces, no cool. There wasn’t even an option to pay for shipping. Just strait up no. Continue reading “Living Room Chair Purchase thanks to Google Image Search”